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Each demo is handy-crafted with love. Once purchased, you'll get ALL of those demos and you can import them 100% exactly as they are shown here. Just in minutes.


01 Mobile Friendly

Fox is not just mobile-friendly, it looks even fantastic on your phone. Phone version is not just a fallback for desktop one. It's usable, reader friendly, carefully designed & easy to use with up to date features: touch & swipe, off-canvas menu, custom logo for mobile, maximize reading space..

Run Google Mobile Friendly Test

srcset - Responsive images

Fox uses srcset for all iamges in all positions. It means your site loads smaller images on smaller screens. It improves your site speed on mobile significantly.

Off Canvas Mobile Menu

Off Canvas Mobile Menu

Fox's off-canvas mobile menu makes your site looks really professional like a real newspaper such as NyTimes, WSJ.. 2 skins dark/light for mobile menu to choose from.

Mobile font size option

Size option for tablet/mobile

Each font element, you can make it responsive by setting different sizes on tablet/mobile.

Elementor Logo

02 Frontend Page Builder

Page Builder gives you highest flexibility to build anything you want. Fox integrates Elementor - the most popular Page Builder on with 2+ millions people using and having rating 4.9/5.

Elementor 1
What You See
Elementor 2
What You Get
Elementor Banner

Page Builder used by 3 millions+

Elementor is a FREE page builder, trusted by 3 millions+ customers. It's reliable, flexible, high-quality coded, long-term supported. Using Elementor with Fox is intuitive.

Elementor Blocks

Fox built-in block library

Fox provides comprehensive library of blocks for buildig a blog/magazine site: slider, big post, grid, masonry, list, news group, author list, responsive banner, heading..

Elementor Options

A lot of detail options each block

For each news block, you'll find about 20 - 50 options for your block. All blocks contain query options: number of posts, category, tag, author, order, post format, pagination..

03 WordPress 5.x Compatible

Fox is primarily designed for article writing purpose. It focuses strongly on writing & being made to make your article beautiful. All post content you see on demo are built from Gutenberg - WP 5.0 editor. You can also use Classic Editor. Fox works well with both.

Gutenberg Editor

04 Highly Customizable

Fox is highly customizable with 600+ options and a dedicated "DESIGN" panel for font face, color, margin, padding etc. With them, basically you can build anything.

Fox Options
600+ options allow you to customize anything. Dedicated DESIGN panel for font, color..
Design Panel

Dedicated DESIGN Panel

An inner Design Panel inside the Customizer for you to change font face, size, color, background, margin, padding.. of each element. This gives you total control on how your site looks like. let your creativity fly!

Show Hide Options

Show/Hide everything

Show/Hide almost everything. Each blog is unique so Fox gives you total control to show/hide things you need.

Import Settings

Import Settings

If you're just lazy, you can use Import Settings button. You can switch from Times style to Classic style or any demo style without demo content.

05 Multiple Single Layouts

We believe that each individual post is a master piece. When people reach to your site from Google, Facebook or Twitter, they visit a single post instead of the homepage. For single posts, you have option to change thumbnail/title order, choosing among 5 predefined layout and combine it with sidebar positions, thumbnail stretch level to make it look as you imagine.

Multiple Layouts
Halfwidth Layout

Half-width Hero Post

Makes your article stand out from the crowd with a sharp portrait photo & post title on the side. View Example →

Fullwidth Layout

Fullscreen HERO

If you are a fan of fullscreen hero image, Fox is for you.
View Example →

06 Versatile Post Options

Post Options

Each post is an individual unit and Fox puts a lot of option for each one. It's either a default value from global options or custom value for only that post. That gives you maximum flexibility.

Custom Blog Thumbnail

Different blog thumbnail/single thumbnail

Use different thumbnail for blog stream and single post.

Show Hide Options

Show/Hide everything

Show/Hide almost everything in each post: title, thumbnail, related posts, author box, comments..

Format Options

Rich Format Options

Fox not only supports post format but it also implements a lot of options for each post format. 7 gallery styles. YouTube/Vimeo video or self-hosted video upload.

7 Gallery Styles

Slider Gallery
Simple Slider - Fade/Slide effect.
Metro Gallery
Metro Gallery
Carousel Gallery
Carousel Style
Elle Gallery
ELLE-fashion Gallery
Masonry Gallery
Masonry Gallery - 2, 3 or 4 columns
Stack Gallery
Stack Images
Grid Gallery
Grid Gallery - Customize column, image ratio
One Click Import Demo

One-Click Import Demo

All demos abve are included in the download package. You can install any of them in the backend with single-click (and wait for few minutes). All content, menus, widgets, settings are imported 100% same as demo.

Reading Progress

Live Reading Progress

Adding convenience to your site's reader. View Example

Lazy Load

Advanced Lazy Load

Fox includes built-in lazy load feature that makes your site much faster. The blurry-image technique used is the same as

Built-in View Count System

Fox integrates a simple view count system to track your post count and displays simply in your post list manager. It only tracks real people, avoid bots & crawlers. Also, refreshing in a section doesn't count, it means the view count tracked is the accurate data.

Font weights selection

Most Viewed Widget

Fox can show the most viewed posts beautifully in post widgets, homepage builder sections or Elementor building blocks.

Edit view count

Edit view count

You, the site admin can edit view count number to to any number you want to.

View Count Option

Orderby View Count

You can find post sorting by view count everywhere in the theme: Customizer, Post Widgets or Elementor page builder.


Built-in Responsive Lightbox

The built-in lightbox looks great on both desktop and mobile. It also automatically detects caption length to adjust text size accordingly.

Flexible Thumbnails


Thumbnail Sizes

You can choose either landscape, square, portrait or enter your custom thumbnail size. This option is set for each Elementor block as well as global option for archive post thumbnails. This is really helpful when your site requires some specific thumbnail ratio like book review blog or movie magazine.

Thumbnail Shapes

Supports Circle Thumbnail

Select acute, round or circle thumbnail shape. Fox lets your creativity fly!

Autoload Next Post

Autoload Next Post

After reading a post, it automatically loads the next post. It engages the site viewers to keep reading your content rather than increasing your bounce rate
View Example →

Font Control

Total Typography Control

  • 800+ Google Fonts. Or upload any of your own font.
  • Total control font size, weight, color, line height..
  • For many elements: body, heading, post title, content, button..
Font weights selection

Loads only necessary weights

This turns your site faster because it doesn't load unnecessary font weights. While other themes often load all weights, it makes your site slower and heavier.

Fonts loaded once

Each font only loads once

Smart engine loads each font only once. If your heading & site content are both Roboto, the font Roboto only loads once.

Font each element

Different fonts for each element

Fox allows you to choose custom font for each element. An element here refers to post title, post content, menu item, button, input form, blockquote..

Unlimited Sidebars

Unlimited Sidebars

Create any number of sidebars as you want for your own purpose. You can create any new sidebar and replace default sidebar by the newly created one, for any post, page, category, tag and at any position: header, main sidebar, footer columns.

Quick Translation

Quick Translation

Fox dedicates a theme panel for translating simple & apparent words quickly. You don't need to install a translation plugin.

Trusted by 2,300+ customers.

FOX was a great theme when I decided to take the plunge and buy it. Transitioning four years of content from my old theme to FOX was MUCH simpler than I'd even hoped. THEN, when a recent upgrade was available, I discovered that the developer had added many more cool features — some of which I implemented, others I'm sure will look great on other people's sites. This theme is simple to navigate from the admin side, and there were very few settings I had to hunt for. As for support, withemes was quick and patient. Couldn't ask for better. My audience tells me constantly how much they love the new look of the Greylock Glass, and I'm proud to be able to please my readers so well.

Theme installed without a hitch. There was a minor formatting issue that I brought to the attention of the designer and was resolved within an hour.

Excellent service. Excellent theme. Highly recommend!

It will likely take an hour or two (or three) to get fully familiar with the Theme, what it offers and its range of settings - but it's a small investment for a top quality return.

Beautiful, beautiful theme that is extremely versatile and easy to customize. We've been live for 3 years now and get compliments almost every day about our site's look and feel. Well done!
Team at Lima Charlie News

This is a great - - beautiful, simple to use and it delivers efficiently the information I need to convey - - theme for me. I have an information site about a specific topic.

The help I got from Cuong Tran was also great and swift.

What a theme!! Works like a dream. Easy to adjust and with a really helpful support. It's fast and works seamless with a lot of plugins too. This is among my top 3 themes and a 5 star +.

Average Rating: 4.8/5

Regular Updates. Excellent Support.

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  • Lifetime FREE updates
  • WordPress 5.x compatible
  • Gutenberg editor ready
  • All demos above. Import with one-click
  • Frontend Page Builder
  • Drag & drop element library
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Optimized with semantic code
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